Kapelmuur Racing Series. Stage 2. The chronicle.

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Just as it happened last month, the second Saturday of March a new edition of the Kapelmuur Racing Series took place. Little time had passed from the last stage, the brief February in between, and the spirits were high, heated.



There were nerves and rumors trying to guess where the second stage would run through, and even some extortion and (unsuccessful) attempted bribery to the members of this organization.

So, when on Wednesday, 72 hours before the race, the route was revealed, we could see how Strava swarmed with groups on reconnaissance.



Conceived as a transition day before next month’s queen stage, a somehow flatter route, together with the strong winds we had had the whole week, made some squadras go out to practice echelons, fearing the worst.

Officially, three teams to beat. The orange jerseys, sponsored by Xiaomi, identified the leaders of each category.



The infamous Venezuelans, intractable once again, counted with just three members this time, the one and only mountain champion was out of town hustling with the big guys.

Didn’t seem to be a problem. Their strong chasers: Moreno, Elías, Kike and the great young Talavera worked with a will, but lost more than three minutes, falling down five minutes in the general.



As things stand, no changes in cat A. Third position again for Manuel Pulido’s boys. It turns out that they were not triathletes in the end, correction, they are skilled cyclists, raised in the flatlands, wind-hardened.

As opposed to the first category, the rivalry is served in cat B. Our motorcyclists could save the orange, but they can’t fall asleep, behind them there’s a war between second and third team and the shockwave can hit them right.

Speaking of wars, the waters are troubled in the individual fight to gain the mountain. The queens move fast and the jersey belongs to no one yet.

The orange changed hands too in the third category. Mr. Guenerie and his crew have failed this time, but they know the taste of victory and they will not give up easily.

The war is open, next stage will be tough and the battle bloody. You’ve got thirty days; you better start training.


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